Parenting Support Workshops: Fall 2012

15 October 2012, 12:55. Posted by

Once again, the Gurdwara Sahib will be providing FREE Parenting Support Workshops.

No one comes into this world knowing how to be a good parent. The challenges and experiences of our lives directly affect the environment we create for our own children and these challenges evolve and change for each generation. Today we live in a digital age that makes it even more difficult to keep up with our children and understand them and their needs.

Learn more about these challenges and what we can do as a parent to further develop positive parenting skills, through the GNSG Parenting Support Workshops.

Topics: Open discussion on current concerns of parents and on topics such as communication, drugs, gangs, bullying, peer influences, internet and parenting styles.

This is a FREE 6 Week Program for parents – Program conducted in English and Punjabi

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