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05 April 2012, 1:00. Posted by

Since 1981, Guru Nanank Sikh Gurdwara has been providing services and programs for the enire community at its current location of 7050 120th Street in Surrey BC. The needs and requests of the sanagt since then have dramatically changed. No longer are religious services from the Darbar hall sufficient for a Gurdwara Sahib, these services are and will always be the core function of the Gurdwara Sahib, but no the sancta have been asking for more services and programs.

Services and programs for your youth, parents, seniors all require appropriate facilities.

As of Spring 2010, the Gurdwara Sahib has been consulting with the Sangat on the type of facilities to incorporate and how to go about this process. We are currently in the final process of creating our new Master Plan, that includes a new darbar hall, facilities for classrooms, fitness and seniors. We’re also planning on solving the long standing issues of the small kitchen and lack of shoe facilities.

Please contact the Gurdwara office, if you would like more information or to view the latest drawings. The Gurdwara Sahib will be taking the renovation plans to the sangat for final approval within the coming months.

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6 Responses to Gurdwara Renovation Plans

  1. As i saw on computer building will be very nice. may be in the hall
    pictures of braham giani be posted on the wall
    Best regard
    Gurnam singh

  2. Gurnam Singh, thanks so much for your nice comments about the building plans. We’re still working on the final drawings and will post then when complete. Also in terms of pictures, we have pictures from Sikh History and Sikh Pioneers in the langar hall. We’re planning on creating an additional display of local events and programs and with very limited space it is impossible for us to cover every important person from our great history.

  3. I saw the exterior building design, it’s very beautiful, i can’t wait to see the real finished inter and exterior,
    Best Regards,
    Dilip Kaur

  4. Looks beautifully architecturally designed.,,, hopefully, there’s a garden space allotted, with maybe a lighted water fountain (just a thought?). It will be definitely a beautiful gurughar!!

  5. Wondering when renovations will be completed?

  6. Renovations will commence early 2012. The first Phase, the front of the Gurdwara will be completed by early 2013 and will give the Sangat a new entry, shoe areas, a secondary hall and new Paath Rooms. Additional phases will commence after this.

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