Naam Karan (Baby Naming Ceremony)

Baby Naming Ceremony (Naam Karan) as per Sikh Reht Maryada (Sikh Code of Conduct)

After the birth of a child, the mother and the child, when in good health, go to the Gurdwara with their relatives and friends for the naming ceremony.
After Kirtan or Path, Anand Sahib (short version comprising six stanzas) should be recited and the Ardas in appropriate terms expressing joy over the naming ceremony he offered and the Karhah Prashad distributed.

Then the holy Hukam (command) should be taken. The child’s name is chosen to begin with the first letter of the ‘Hukam’. The title of Singh (lion) is given to the male and Kaur (princess) to the female child.

Karah Parshad is distributed to the congregation.