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Beginning in January 2010, a new Executive Committee began service at the Gurdwara. The innovative, youth-oriented, executive introduced a variety of diverse and much needed programs and services.  The success of these programs has made an astonishing impact on the community and youth.  Live Broadcast of programs on Shaw 540, internet Radio, Ustream, Smartphone and one of the most active .

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Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara is pleased to announce that another year of our Gurmat School has commenced. Punjabi, Kirtan, Gatka and Gurbani  Santhiya classes are available at the Gurdwara Sahib. For more information about the programs, curriculum and class times, please come to the Gurdwara Sahib Office.

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If you have lived in Surrey since or before 1985, and have information that you can share about the Sikh Community we want to hear from you. These can include personal, familial stories or major community events.  Information and stories are not limited to just the Sikh Community." We want to know about life for Sikhs from 1985 or before, the .

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GNSG Surrey Museum Heritage Project: Shout-out to youth volunteers Are you interested in the history of the Sikh community in Surrey? Are you willing to learn new skills in videography, archiving, collections and others relevant to arts and culture? Are you willing to spare 10-15 hours a month this year towards this project? Are you aged between 15-24 years and want additional credits and .

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GNSG Annual Kabaddi Tournament is being held on September 1st and 2nd 2012. See the best of the best at the final Kabaddi Tournament of 2012. September 1st and 2nd all day at the park next to the Gurdwara Sahib. This is a free tournament for the entire family.

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The Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara Society presents the 2012 Miri Piri Festival running from July 23rd to July 29th! Celebrating the spirit of the Saint and Soldier – the festivities begin on July 23rd featuring an entire week of religious celebrations for the entire family. Finally, after many years, on July 29th the Miri Piri Nagar Kirtan will again go through .

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The new building expansion program is underway. This is a great opportunity for construction related businesses to take part in the Seva. Please contact the Gurdwara Office is you are able to join the many other companies and volunteer your time or services.

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GNSG 2012 Nagar Kirtan Planning Meeting took place on July 8th at GNSG Senior Centre. Please put your name down at the Gurdwara Office if you can volunteer or would like to have a Langar Stall. Nagar Kirtan is on July 29 and this year is going outside the grounds around Newton.

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Binder Kaur

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Wdhayian Guru Nanak dev ji de Purab diya. Wish you all the best on your Gurmat Giyan Camp

Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara

2011-11-05 20:40:50
Thank you for your post. Please come to the Gurdwara Sahib and talk to the Giani Ji regarding this.

Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara

2011-11-05 20:32:19
Renovations will commence early 2012. The first Phase, the front of the Gurdwara will be completed by early 2013 and ...


2011-11-04 03:14:55
Great Sikhi website. It holds some real fantastic information for everyone and all ...

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Wondering when renovations will be completed?


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Great Programs

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i love this my son likes really much


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Very fascinating photos. Keep up the good work and thankyou for posting.